Pro Trump Super PAC Announces $23 Million Ad Buy

Advertisements Set to Air in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona

Posted on Jul 13, 2020
By American Herald Staff

America First Action, the official super PAC for President Trump’s re-election announced today a $23 million spend on a new round of anti-Biden advertisements set to air in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona starting on July 24th and running through Labor Day.

The majority of the spend will be focused on broadcast and cable advertisements, but the group will also be investing in digital and mail.

State Breakdown:

  • Pennsylvania: $7.5M
  • Wisconsin: $5.6M
  • Arizona: $5.6M
  • North Carolina: $4.5M

Spend Breakdown:

  • Broadcast: 52%
  • Cable: 18%
  • Digital: 14%
  • Other (includes mail): 14%
  • Production: 2%

America First Action PAC’s first expenditure of the 2020 Election cycle was more than a $16 million spend in the spring that consisted of digital, cable, mail, and broadcast advertisements in three battleground states that highlighted Beijing Biden’s history of being soft on China and his support of failed trade policies like NAFTA that cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

The PAC wants to educate voters on Biden’s pro-China, globalist history as he is running for President promising to fix the problems he helped create. Make no mistake, Joe Biden is running on a radical progressive platform that would eliminate thousands more American jobs at a time when America needs to continue down the path of growth and prosperity; a path that only President Trump’s pro-growth and pro-American policies can lead us down.