Joe Biden’s Green New Deal 2.0

Joe Biden is Calling for $2 Trillion in Spending on Clean Energy Initiatives

Posted on Jul 14, 2020
By American Herald Staff

Today, Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden is calling for $2 trillion in spending on clean energy initiatives and for setting a 100% clean electricity standard by 2035. The $2 trillion would be spent over just four years, mostly on one-time costs for clean energy initiatives.

It’s time to call a spade a spade, or in this case, Joe Biden a radical leftist. Joe Biden’s “Clean Energy Initiative” is a Green New Deal 2.0 that would have a catastrophic impact on the American economy, families, and workers. In the debates last year, Biden affirmed that he is willing to eliminate “hundreds of thousands” of American energy jobs to enact his radical climate plan. As America continues down the path of economic recovery, we cannot afford losses like this.

One of the most impactful, radical proposals from Joe Biden’s Green New Deal 2.0 is the implementation of aggressive restrictions on new and existing oil and gas operations and doubling down on liquid fuel. Translation—Joe Biden would ban fracking, which would eliminate hundreds of thousands of well-paying American jobs.

While Biden maintains that his plan will create a “stronger, more resilient” nation and help the disproportionately affected low income and minority communities it will do just the opposite.

Biden wants to eliminate gas-fueled vehicles—that’s right he wants to take your cars in favor of hybrid or electric models. In the typical leftist fashion of “What’s good for thee, but not for me”; while Biden comes after your cars he will continue to spend MILLIONS chartering private flights, leaving a far bigger carbon footprint than your Honda Civic.

Not only will Joe Biden’s plan add $2 trillion to the national debt by 2024 in clean energy spending alone, but it will also decimate American energy jobs—to the tune of over 10 million to be exact. Ungodly tax increases will be necessary to fund this monstrous overhaul and those increases will disproportionately affect the minority and low-income communities that Joe Biden claims to be an advocate for. That’s right, the first thing Joe Biden pledged to do is roll back President Trump’s tax cuts that provided relief for millions of middle-class Americans.

Biden’s 100% clean electricity standard would cost $4.5 trillion, or $35,000 per household. Energy prices would skyrocket, potentially doubling or tripling household electricity costs.

Joe Biden’s Green New Deal 2.0 is proof without a shadow of a doubt that he has crumbled and embraced the ideas and policies of the radical left-wing of the Democratic party. Biden is not a moderate, instead, his radical philosophies would disintegrate the American economy, American jobs, and American prosperity leaving our country unrecognizable.