AFP Promotes “America Back to Work” Ad

Featuring Vice President Mike Pence

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

America First Policies, a non-profit organization promoting pro-growth and pro-American policies released today a new ad featuring Vice President Mike Pence, urging the “Great American Comeback.”

The ad, dubbed “America Back to Work” is part of a $4 million national cable and broadcast buy through July 22nd, according to a press announcement. The group has commenced on a “Great American Comeback” tour promoting policies supported by the Trump administration including workforce development, a payroll tax cut, and efforts to bring supply-chains and manufacturing back to America.

“I promise you in the days ahead we’re going to continue to create a solid foundation for whatever challenges may lie ahead. And we’re going to do it in a way that puts America back to work. A great American comeback has begun,” affirms the Vice President.

Beginning in June, America First Policies set out on the “Great American Comeback Tour” featuring Pence, members of Congress, and other special guests.

The policy series follows the group’s tour touting Tax Cuts and historic trade deals like USMCA.

With events in Pennsylvania and Michigan already behind them, the tour will continue into various states throughout the U.S. to educate and mobilize voters around the policies that will lead to an economic resurgence post-coronavirus.

“Through a combination of tax cuts, deregulation, unleashing our energy sector and renegotiating bad trade deals, the Trump administration built the greatest economy in the world,” said America First Policies Communication Director Kelly Sadler. “They did it once, and they can do it again.”