Defend the police, not defund

The Trump Administration Stands for Law and Order

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

Men and women across our country selflessly serve their communities in law enforcement, oftentimes putting their lives at stake to help others. In 2019, there were tragically 89 U.S. law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

This week, President Trump held a roundtable at the White House to shine a light on positive stories about service members that didn’t make the national news headlines.

From the White House:

  • “Last June, Kemira Boyd’s 12-day-old baby suddenly began to choke. In distress, Boyd jumped into her car, speeding to get help as quickly as possible. Deputy William Kimbro, a South Carolina police officer, pulled over Boyd for a routine traffic stop when he saw her vehicle. After finding the frantic mother and child inside, he immediately went to work, clearing the baby’s windpipe and helping her to begin breathing again until an emergency medical team arrived. Kimbro saved the child’s life. Today, Boyd’s child is now Deputy Kimbro’s goddaughter.
  • Battling substance abuse since the age of 11, Kenneth Bearden has suffered over 30 overdoses. Police officers had to help revive him more than a dozen times. Today, Kenneth is 6 years sober. “My son would not have his father today if it wasn’t for [those] police officers.”
  • Spencer Bohan, a non-verbal child with autism, “doesn’t really have a sense of danger—so when he goes missing, it’s like life or death,” his mother Sara said. When he climbed out of his bedroom window and went missing, the Roanoke County Police came and found Spencer within 12 minutes of searching.”

The issue of crime facing our communities is only exacerbated when political leaders call to defund and abolish police.

It was reported in June that New York City saw its most violent month since 1996 with 205 shootings. Similar stories are coming out of Chicago with increased shootings and senseless deaths in the streets.

Police officers shouldn’t be treated as the enemy of the people. While not perfect, our police serve day in and day out to protect our neighborhoods and uphold law and order in our streets.

“We’re going to back the blue,” said Vice President Mike Pence during the White House event.

The Trump Administration has taken action and remained vocal on supporting our police force while working towards necessary reform.

Last month, President Trump signed an executive order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities. The intent of this order is to incentivize law enforcement agencies to enact best practices with the use of force.

In Democrat managed cities, calling for the police to be abolished puts the innocent and most vulnerable Americans at risk.

President Trump has made it clear that as long as he is in office he will never defund the police, but together will stand with our brave officers.