President Trump: Tough on China

Posted on Jul 16, 2020

For years China has taken advantage of the United States through unfair trade deals, violation of intellectual property laws, and espionage.

To this end, President Trump has taken a firm stance towards ending these malpractices and is defending American interests abroad.

There has been no President tougher on China than President Trump. The Trump administration has:

  • Placed hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods
  • Launched a Section 301 investigation into China’s intellectual property abuse
  • Placed tariffs on steel from China to protect America’s national security
  • Stopped federal retirement accounts from investing in problematic Chinese companies
  • Restricted Huawei’s ability to use American technology and rallied our international partners to counter China’s 4G efforts
  • Blocked the visas of Chinese graduate students who help the Chinese Communist Party steal American intellectual property
  • Halted U.S. funding to the World Health Organization and called out its bias to China
  • Rejected Beijing’s unlawful claims to offshore resources across the South China Sea
  • Defended human rights by holding China responsible for its treatment of Uighurs and other religious minorities.

China has not only taken advantage of the U.S. but its own people of Hong Kong. With the implementation of China’s new national security law, the rule of law and judicial independence in Hong Kong is essentially eliminated.

In an act to support the people of Hong Kong and stand for freedom, President Trump has:

  • Signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act to bring accountability for individuals involved in ending Hong Kong’s freedom
  • Issued an executive order to end U.S. preferential treatment for Hong Kong as a result of China’s violation of Hong Kong’s autonomy

These actions protect the 1,300 American businesses and 85,000 American citizens located in Hong Kong.

Under the Trump Administration, China is being held accountable to restore partnerships that benefit the United States.

President Trump will continue to fight for the safety and prosperity of America at home and across the world. Joe Biden has catered to China while being in office for 47 years. He granted them access into the World Trade Organization, granted them permanent trade relations and has continually praised them, stating, “a rising China is a positive development,” and “we’re not trying to slow down Chinese growth,” as China stole American jobs and manufacturing centers. Unlike President Trump who puts America First, Biden will always put China first.