Joe Biden Threatens Economic Growth

President Trump: Six ways Biden threatens the entire economy and our very way of life.

Posted on Jul 17, 2020
By American Herald Staff

As Joe Biden succumbs to the radical left, America learns just how dangerous his presidency would be for the future of the country, especially the economy.

From Paul Beddard at Washington Examiner: Six ways Biden threatens the entire economy and our very way of life.

In 2016, one of the surprise applause lines for Donald Trump was his promise to cut two Obama-era regulations for every new one he proposed.

Now, after making good on that promise times three in cutting more than seven costly regulations for every new one, President Trump is turning to the 2020 election with a warning that a Joe Biden administration will restore the eliminated regulations — and ladle even more on.

“Our entire economy and our very way of life are threatened by Biden’s plans to transform our nation and subjugate our communities through the blunt-force instrument of federal regulation at a level that you haven’t even seen yet,” Trump said Thursday at a White House event to herald his deregulation.

“They want to go many times what they put you under in the past,” he added.

Democratic presidential challenger Biden, however, has argued that his plans would increase American safety and boost jobs.

Officials told Secrets that the deregulation effort has been a cost saver for the government and households. They said over $200 billion in spending has been cut, and households have saved $3,100 a year. They added that the cost of prescription drugs has been reduced 10%, and the potential costs of vehicles has been slashed by $2,000.

In his event, Trump said that will be gone and more under Biden. “They want to bury our economy under suffocating, relentless landslides of Washington red tape like we had before I got here,” he said, offering six examples of changes proposed by Democrats:

  1. Reviving the Paris climate accord. “They are proposing to reenter the job-killing, unfair Paris climate accord, which will cost our country trillions of dollars — trillions and trillions of dollars — and put us in a very, very bad competitive position relative to the world,” he said.
  2. Mandated net-zero emissions in construction. “I’m somebody that’s built many homes, many buildings. If you take a look at this, it doesn’t look good. You still have to sell, right? You still have to sell. But they’ve put it out of reach, from a cost standpoint. Totally out of reach. It’s not practical, it’s not good, and it doesn’t work,” he said.
  3. Eliminate carbon emissions in energy. “The result of this federally mandated shutdown would be the wholesale destruction of the entire energy industry and many other industries, the economic evisceration of entire communities, and the unfettered offshoring of millions of our best jobs to foreign countries and foreign polluters,” he warned.
  4. The Green New Deal. “How crazy is that? But they’re actually trying to put it into play. It’ll mean the end of this country,” he said.
  5. Rewriting housing rules in suburbs. “The Democrats in D.C. have been and want to, at a much higher level, abolish our beautiful and successful suburbs by placing far-left Washington bureaucrats in charge of local zoning decisions. They are absolutely determined to eliminate single-family zoning, destroy the value of houses and communities already built,” said Trump.
  6. Changing policing rules. “The Biden-Bernie plan would also use the weapon of federal regulation to tie the hands of our police departments by abolishing cash bail — think of that. Think of that: bail. ‘No problem. They killed somebody? Let them out,’” he said.

Trump ended with a campaign-themed rally cry:

“Unlike the socialists, we believe in the rule of the people, not the rule of the unelected bureaucrats that don’t know what they’re doing. We believe in the dignity of the individual, not the iron grip of the state. Our regulatory reforms are vital not only to the success of our economy but the strength of our democracy and the survival of liberty itself.”