Americans Increasingly Distrust China: Poll

Bad news for Beijing Biden, who has a history of being soft on the CCP

Posted on Aug 3, 2020

Americans’ distrust of the Chinese Communist Party is growing.  A new survey from Pew Research Center shows nearly three in four Americans, including 83% of Republicans and 68% of Democrats, hold an unfavorable view of China— this is up 26% since 2018. More than two-thirds of Americans “say China has done a bad job dealing with the coronavirus outbreak” andnearly 80% agree that “a great deal or fair amount of the blame for the global spread of the coronavirus” is due to the Chinese government’s response.

This is bad news for Beijing Biden who has a decades long history of being soft on China and prioritizing China over American workers. Americans have had enough.

Here are just a few examples of Biden’s too close for comfort relationship with China:

  • Biden has no issue with repeating Chinese government propaganda, he even did so in an op-ed.
  • Biden has spent decades fighting for China instead of the American people.
  • Biden attacked President Trump’s effective early response to the coronavirus of placing travel restrictions on China as “hysterical xenophobia”.
  • Biden blocked attempts to protect basic human rights in the U.S. trade relationship with China.
  • He has said that China is “not a problem,” “not bad,” “not competition,” and said that a prosperous China is in American workers’ “self-interest.”
  • Biden lead the effort to denote China with “most favored nation status” while simultaneously blocking human rights and labor standards for Beijing.
  • All of Beijing Biden’s efforts on behalf of China have served to kill thousands of American jobs.

Joe Biden continues to defend China, saying “they’re not bad folks, folks”.  In stark contrast, President Trump remains committed to ensuring that we hold the Chinese government accountable on the world stage. He has negotiated a trade deal that levels the playing field and puts American workers first, he has called out the Chinese government for their coverup of the coronavirus, and has taken a hardline on China’s intrusion in Hong Kong.

Joe  Biden’s decades long career in Washington exemplifies his poor judgement, and despite American’s increasingly negative view of China, he continues his campaign of globalism and the prioritization of China.