Joe Biden’s Failed History on Vaccine Distribution

Posted on Aug 3, 2020
By American Herald Staff

Joe Biden, in an attempt to discredit the work President Trump and his administration is doing to quickly and safely produce a coronavirus vaccine, he seems to have forgotten his history in a similar situation. 

While Biden was in charge of overseeing the federal response to H1N1 and the production and distribution of the swine flu vaccine, every aspect of his leadership was a massive failure.

A report published by Politico explains Biden’s initial failures:

  • Biden nearly caused a nationwide panic by making claims about travel that were not backed by the experts. “In a matter of hours,” top Obama-Biden officials were summoned to the White House and “assigned to clean up the mess Biden made.” 
  • Biden’s blunder “contributed to a muddled message.” 
  • Biden’s role “was not equivalent to leading the response,” and he “wasn’t present at [some] meetings.” 
  • The Obama-Biden Administration’s efforts to develop a vaccine “did not go as planned,” suffering from a “range of additional setbacks” and “mistakes in establishing a proper dose.” State health officials “grew exasperated as their orders failed to come in on time,” and the CDC director eventually admitted, “We are nowhere near where we thought we’d be by now.”

And reports from various news organizations at the time discussed the vaccine disaster:

In fact, Biden’s vaccine delays became so egregious that the CDC director at the time issued a public apology on behalf of the Obama-Biden administration. 

Moral of the story? Do not take advice from Joe Biden. If you take a look at his record it’s easy to understand why.