Anti-NRA Suit Shows Radical Left’s Agenda

Posted on Aug 7, 2020

New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against the National Rifle Association for having a “culture of self-dealing,” ultimately looking to dissolve the organization – a move that has called into question her left-leaning, radical agenda.

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro called New York AG James “a President Trump and NRA-hating individual,” who had already made such sentiments apparent on her election campaign. AG James once called the NRA a “terrorist organization” .

“She is coming through with her promise that she is going to destroy the NRA,” Pirro told “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

AG James’ suit claims NRA funds were spent inappropriately:

“The effect has been to divert millions of dollars away from the charitable mission, imposing substantial reductions in its expenditures for core program services, including gun safety, education, training, member services and public affairs. During the period 2015 to 2018, the NRA has reported a reduction in unrestricted net assets by $63 million.”

The NRA denies the charges and has turned around and sued for defamation.

The NRA said:

“Despite hopes that playing by the rules would procure a just outcome, the NRA has not been treated fairly by James’s office The New York Democratic Party political machine seeks to harass, defund, and dismantle the NRA because of what it believes and what it says…James boasted that she would strike foul blows against the NRA and pound the NRA into submission. She vowed that she would use the NYAG’s investigative and enforcement powers for the precise purpose of stanching political speech (‘deadly propaganda’)…She has begun to deliver on her campaign promises to retaliate against the NRA for constitutionally protected speech on issues that James opposes. As NYAG, James has regrettably succumbed to ‘individual passions, and individual malevolence.’”

AG James appears to be playing politics here. If she were really concerned with the charitable mission of the NRA, her recommendation to disband the organization offers no remedies to those gun-rights advocates who would be affected. Instead, filing suit to eliminate the NRA under the guise of charitable concern conveniently brings the 2nd Amendment debate to the forefront three months before a contentious presidential election.

According to Pirro:

“This is just an indication of where they are going. The next thing is going to be guns. They limit our magazines, they limit the number of bullets, and now it is going to be we’re going to dissolve the number one organization that speaks for gun owners. It’s absurd.”

Americans are smart and they will recognize this political play for what it is. Despite James’ better efforts, the 2nd Amendment is one that most Americans hold dear. While the radical left is calling for defunding the police and claiming the violent riots in autonomous zones are “peaceful protests,” crime rates are also up exponentially and gun sales in the U.S. are surging as a result. Americans do not trust Democratic leadership to keep them, their families, and their communities safe.

Joe Biden has said that he would appoint Robert Francis O’Rourke (Beto)—who promised to use government force to confiscate guns—to lead his anti-gun efforts. If polling and the increase in gun sales show us anything—it’s that Americans are against the radical left’s efforts to defund the police and confiscate guns.  Americans see right through these politically-motivated charges so conveniently made 90 days out from a general election and they will not stand for the radical left’s attempt at dissolving our Constitutional freedoms.