President Trump’s Executive Orders Put America First

Posted on Aug 7, 2020

President Trump has worked tirelessly since day one in office to ensure that we always put America First. This week, President Trump continued these efforts with the passage of three major executive orders.

Yesterday, President Trump took a stand using his authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to protect Americans by addressing the threats posed by Chinese owned apps TikTok and WeChat.

The popular TikTok and WeChat apps are owned by Chinese companies and collect enormous amounts of data from users, of which the Chinese government could easily access. This outcome is a massive national security threat as this information could be used to track Federal employees and contractors, blackmail Americans, or conduct corporate espionage.

The first executive order President Trump implemented blocks all transactions in which TikTok’s owner or its subsidiaries have an interest. The second order blocks all transactions related to WeChat with the app’s owner or its subsidiaries.

These restrictions will take effect in 45 days when the Secretary of Commerce publishes more information about which specific transactions are prohibited. Additionally, this 45-day delay gives Microsoft and other interested buyers time to reach a deal with TikTok’s owners that sufficiently addresses the national security concerns posed by the app.

Thanks to President Trump, there is now recognition of the threats posed by these apps and resolutions in place to protect Americans.

President Trump also took executive action for America this week when he signed an executive order to ensure that essential medical supplies are made in the United States. Under this action, the Commissioner of Food and Drugs is directed to create a list of medicines, medical countermeasures, and critical inputs that are essential for public health in America.

This executive order supports American job growth and creation by accelerating the domestic manufacturing of essential medicines, medical countermeasures, as well as their critical inputs, and ensuring long-term demand for those products.

To reinforce growth in production of advanced pharmaceutical ingredients in the United States, government agencies are being directed to prioritize permits and approvals for domestic manufacturers.

Reliance on foreign entities for critical medical supplies leaves America vulnerable. President Trump is ensuring that the American people are protected in this global public health crisis by building up our public health industrial base with strong domestic supply.

President Trump will always put America first, our nation’s resilience is ensured through the repeated actions he has taken to protect our national security, our supply chains, and our nation’s health.