Liberal Media Bias Ignores the Death of a 5 Year-Old-Child

Distorted Liberal Narrative Inserted Into Crime Coverage

Posted on Aug 13, 2020
By American Herald Staff
Credit: Screengrab from Fox29 News Coverage

Recent heartbreaking news surrounds the death of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant who was shot and killed at point-blank while playing in his family’s yard Sunday evening with his sisters.

KMOV 4 reports:

Police in Wilson, North Carolina said Darius Sessoms, 25, shot and killed Cannon Hinnant while the boy was playing in his yard with his family Sunday evening.

Cannon’s mother said her son was playing outside when Sessoms ran up to the boy, shot him in the head, then fled.

Doris Lybrand, a neighbor who witnessed the shooting, told WRAL Sessoms ran up to Cannon, put a gun to his head and fired before running back to his own house.

Lybrand said she first thought Sessoms was playing with the kids, but when she saw Cannon’s father’s reaction, she ran inside her home and called 911.

Cannon’s mother said the boy’s sisters, ages seven and eight, were playing with him when the shooting happened and witnessed their little brother get shot.

Cannon was taken to a nearby hospital where he died.

It took days for this story to receive the media attention it deserves, but even so, “mainstream” media outlets are choosing to ignore Cannon’s death.

Why? Because it doesn’t fit their political narrative.

Cannon was a young white boy. Darius is an African-American man.

America needs to not buy into CNN and the likes excuse that they aren’t covering this atrocity “because it’s a local story.”

These are the outlets that ruined the lives of teenagers from Covington Catholic High School, sent out breaking news alerts when a lone individual called the police on a black man without cause, and organized social media manhunts when a Black Lives Matter mural was painted over in Martinez, California (a town smaller than Wilson, NC where Cannot died).

Matt Walsh explains more for the Daily Wire:

It is easy to anticipate the excuses that will be offered — and in some cases have already been offered — for this outrageous disparity. It will be claimed that Cannon’s execution is not as newsworthy because it was carried out by a civilian, not an agent of the state. But Ahmaud Arbery was killed by civilians. So was Trayvon Martin. They are both household names.

Cannot Hinnant won’t receive wall-to-wall media coverage. No one will march to remember his name. His funeral won’t be a national holiday, and he will only be allowed one funeral. Not four.

None of this is to say that incidents like the death of George Floyd aren’t horrendous. They are. 

But it is simply not possible to brand oneself as “The most trusted name in news,” or claim “Democracy Dies In Darkness,” if you are cherry-picking stories and facts.

Make no mistake — Cannot Hinnant was executed on Sunday at the age of five. He deserves to be remembered for the loving boy he was, not ignored for political convenience.