Biden Bows to Radical Left Amid Violent Riots

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

Yesterday, amid violent riots across the country Joe Biden addressed the National Guard Association. Biden labeled the violent, radical left-wing rioters sowing chaos across the country as “peaceful protestors” and stated that deploying the National Guard to restore safety in affected communities is a political attempt to use the military as a “prop”.

Americans are being assaulted and in some cases, killed at the hands of violent rioters; businesses are being burned and livelihoods destroyed but Joe Biden continues to turn a blind eye to the chaos assailing our cities. What will it take for Joe Biden to acknowledge the riots for what they are? Does Biden think Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor, who dragged his feet before finally accepting additional aid from President Trump and the National Guard this past week, is using the National Guard as a prop? Notably, after the guard’s presence, violence dropped dramatically and Kenosha residents saw four nights of calm.

While Joe Biden is busy hiding in his basement Americans are dying, our cities are burning, small business owners dreams are literally going up in smoke as they watch their businesses being burned to the ground before their very eyes, and the men and women of law enforcement who stand on the thin blue line each day are being assaulted, sometimes killed by these violent rioters.

President Trump, however, has been busy offering solutions. For example, it was President Trump’s suggestion that governors use the National Guard to restore public safety that “shifted momentum on the streets of Minneapolis” and other cities in June.

Biden has gone as far as supporting irrational left-wing radicals like the Mayor of Portland, who just last Friday sent President Trump an overtly political letter refusing federal assistance despite the nearly 100 consecutive days of violence in his city. Last week, the deranged rioters attempted to burn down Portland city hall.

Portland’s mayor is blaming President Trump for the violence despite Trump’s willingness to assist in ending it. Take a look at Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s response to Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade when she was asked if President Trump accepts responsibility for the riots:

“No that is a preposterous assertion. What is responsible for the violence is this deeply irresponsible defund the police movement and when you go back to the Obama administration it was none other than James Comey who identified the Ferguson effect which is when there’s this rush to judgment and criticism of police officers they pulled back and what we’ve seen with defund the police is when you literally get rid of police officers there is an up-tick in violence. It’s what we’re seeing in Portland, Mayor Wheeler is responsible, he’s not charging individuals and by contrast, the DOJ has charged 74 individuals with federal crime. So we’re doing all we can but until he accepts our help, there’s a limit to what we can do.” 

Basement-dwelling Biden is now laughably blaming President Trump for the violence. Democrats have spent months denying the violence that has destroyed American lives and cities, defending them as “peaceful protests”, even combatting President Trump’s efforts to restore public safety and protect Americans in Democratic-run cities.

Biden will defend the violent rioters wreaking havoc on our cities and destroying American lives before he stands up for those suffering at their hands; so as not to offend the radical leftists controlling both him and the party.

President Trump will never bow to the radical left’s status quo, he will always fight for and defend the American people and the men and women of law enforcement working tirelessly to keep our communities safe. But Joe Biden is weak, and he will bow to the whims of the radical left at the expense of Americans everywhere.