Biden Slashed Police Budgets as VP

And enacted toothless law-enforcement reforms

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

After spending nearly 50 years in Washington, former Vice President Joe Biden failed to enact any meaningful police reform legislation.

While serving as vice president, the Obama-Biden administration slashed police funding and enacted “reforms” that changed nothing.

The Obama-Biden 21st Century Policing Task Force was a dud. Despite being launched in 2014, by May 2016, just 15 police departments out of 18,000 had signed on to the Obama-Biden police reforms initiative. Analysts said it “failed to put muscle behind the rhetoric” and “failed to attack the heart of the problem.”

Also during Biden’s time as vice president the Obama administration continually slashed police budgets. Despite Biden’s promise in 2008 to fully fund the COPS program, COPS funding dropped from $1.55 billion to $792 million during his tenure in office. At the time, police groups protested the Obama-Biden cuts, calling the funding reductions “simply irresponsible.”

Federal aid to state and local law enforcement officials also decreased during the Obama-Biden years. It was reported that the U.S. Department of Justice grants were cut by $833 million. On the campaign trail this year, Biden said he supports redirecting funds from police departments across the country in order to support other initiatives like social services – like his record as vice president would suggest.

Biden broke his promises as vice president, cut funding, and failed to create meaningful reform through his task force. President Trump has done just the opposite. He is a champion for the brave men and women of law enforcement. President Trump increased their federal aid and worked with law enforcement and community leaders to pursue safe policing and safe communities.

Under President Trump’s leadership, police officers are supported and communities are safer. Just this week, President Trump is committed $1 million to the Kenosha, Wisconsin police  department.

The President has stated, “The work of law enforcement officers is essential to preserving peace in our communities and to ensuring the safety of precious lives and personal property.  My Administration proudly salutes the patriots in law enforcement who selflessly serve our Nation.  We also solemnly acknowledge our debt to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.  These officers and their families have our prayers and unwavering gratitude.”