MCMAHON: America is On the Right Track Under Trump

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Linda McMahon, Chair of America First Action and former Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), appeared on a series of national television programs to discuss the Republican National Convention and President Trump’s accomplishments.

McMahon affirmed the country is on the right track under the President’s policies to cut taxes and regulations, implement fair and reciprocal trade deals, lower drug prices, create Opportunity Zones, and bring back American manufacturing.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, McMahon said the President has continued to bring our economy back while supporting American families and businesses.

“The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) did so much to help small businesses,” said McMahon.

Since the launch of PPP loans, over $520 billion in relief has been provided through nearly 5 million loans. This program saved more than 51 million American jobs this year.

As former SBA Administrator, McMahon commended the Administration’s efforts to deploy relief primarily to businesses employing ten or fewer people.

She also urged legislators to return to session in Washington and pass additional funding to sustain small businesses.

McMahon compared the comeback of America’s economy under President Trump to Joe Biden’s plans to keep businesses and schools closed.

She said, “The President worked with the governors of all the states from both parties with recommendations from scientists on how to reopen safely.”

The result of opening the economy, McMahon said, is 9 million jobs created over the past three months exceeding expectations of many economists.

McMahon made the case for another four years under President Trump’s pro-growth, America first agenda.

She said, “The advantage of reelecting Donald Trump is that he already has plans in place; he already has put things in motion in our country that got really sidetracked or stopped as a result COVID. When he had reduced taxes and regulations, when he had put programs in place to unleash our energy, when he already negotiated NAFTA with the USMCA to improve on trade, and now he’s going to bring more and more jobs back to our country.”

Later in the week on Washington Post Live, McMahon spoke about the speed in which the President’s actions are bringing back the workforce and economy but called on Congress to do more.

She said, “The President really would like to pass another stimulus package. He thinks that’s the work of Congress and would like them to come back and pass that next stimulus package because it is so important to keep this economy growing.”

McMahon discussed a key factor of our economic success is President Trump’s drive to negotiate the very best trade deals that work in the interest of American workers.

On China, she compared the vast difference between Joe Biden’s weak policy agenda to President Trump’s relentless efforts to secure fair and reciprocal trade deals.

“I think the President has the best sense on how to deal with China, and he’s clearly been successful in what he’s done before,” said McMahon.

She emphasized the billions of dollars in agriculture products China is purchasing from the U.S. in compliance with phase one of the trade agreement.

Through his trade negotiations, response to the Coronavirus, advocacy for school choice, push for criminal justice reform, and other hallmarks of his Administration, President Trump has fought for Americans of every walk of life.

When looking at another four years, McMahon said, “You have to continue to look at what he’s accomplished. How much better did the economy get, how many jobs were there created. No one can argue with where our economy was before COVID came in and the steps that have been taken in our country to raise all of our living standards.”

McMahon, while also joining Newsmax’s ‘America Right Now’ show, highlighted America First Action PAC’s new advertisement in Arizona.


The ad features Cristina’s story of legally immigrating to the United States and Biden’s weak policies that enable illegal immigration and criminal activity at our border.

“Through our polling and focus groups we have found that the messaging in Arizona really is for legal immigrants, but not for illegal immigrants, for the giveaways that go to illegal immigrants,” said McMahon.

McMahon said America First Action is increasing ad buys in key battleground states to amplify the campaign’s message and, “speak directly to those particular areas about the issues that are really bothering them [voters].”

She spoke about voters’ concerns over the Coronavirus, but said, “we are now seeing more people are turning towards the economy.”

McMahon praised the response of the Trump Administration to quickly and aggressively combat the Coronavirus and deploy every resource of the federal government to aid American people.

“All of the measures that the President has put in place, and continues to put in place, have really gotten a handle on this terrible virus,” said McMahon.

With the upcoming vaccine in the fall and abundance of therapeutic treatments, McMahon said, “We’re starting to get control over the virus instead of it controlling us, and that’s been very important in getting the economy back on its feet.”

McMahon championed the work of the Trump Administration to establish a strong foundation for our economy before the virus hit and showed confidence in a rapid recovery thanks to the policies the president has put in place.