New Polling Shows President Trump Dominating Joe Biden

Posted on Sep 4, 2020
By American Herald Staff

New polls this week with boosted approval numbers for the president show President Trump’s campaign is full of momentum while Joe Biden’s schedule is forced to work around his naptime.

With exactly 60 days remaining until the November election, President Trump’s approval rating is back to its pre-pandemic 52 percent high.

Comparatively, former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had approval ratings under 51 percent in 2004 and 2012.

The recent polling is a clear indication that the country is on the right track, and President Trump is gaining support.

In Florida, a state the president won in 2016, he currently holds a three-point advantage over his Biden.

In fact, a new Quinnipiac poll also shows President Trump leads Biden by five points with Hispanics in Florida, a demographic Hillary Clinton carried by double-digits in the 2016 presidential election.

Looking at another critical battleground state, Pennsylvania, President Trump’s numbers have improved and tied with Biden at 46 percent.

According to Rasmussen Reports:

The president carries 86% of the Republican vote and leads among voters not affiliated with either major party by 11 points. Biden takes 81% of the Democrat vote.

Trump leads among men and middle-aged voters. Biden carries women, those under 40 and seniors.

Worrisome for the former vice president is his 67% black support, low for a Democrat, with the incumbent earning 27% of the black vote in Pennsylvania. Trump leads among whites and other minority voters.

One of the top issues President Trump leads on is the economy. America First Policies recently found through its polling that twenty percent of all respondents listed “Jobs/The Economy” as their most important issue.

America First also discovered 56 percent of respondents approve of President Trump’s economic job with 57 percent of Hispanic respondents favoring his economic policies such as the Executive Order on the payroll tax.

When it comes to discovering solutions to the Coronavirus pandemic, 51 percent of African American respondents and 47 percent of Hispanic respondents answered the free market.

And, on the major issue of civil unrest, America First found 75 percent of respondents oppose defunding the police, including 77 percent of independents, 78 percent of suburban white women, 69 percent of Hispanics, and 63 percent of African Americans.

It’s clear that Americans of all decrees are trusting conservative policies at the polls to strengthen the economy and bring law and order to our communities.

Under President Trump, America’s economy is strong and our streets are safe. Joe Biden failed to build the American workforce and let too many of our jobs go to foreign competitors.

American families know President Trump will put them at the forefront of his policy decisions and keep America strong and prosperous.