The Biden-Harris Anti-Life Agenda

Biden has adopted an extreme agenda that would violate the religious liberties of millions of Americans

Posted on Sep 4, 2020
By American Herald Staff
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the most radical pro-abortion ticket in history, and have a policy agenda that clashes strongly with pro-life beliefs.

Both Biden and Harris support federal funding of abortion, repealing the Hyde Amendment and bringing back funding for Planned Parenthood. They support using foreign aid dollars to fund abortion, and would repeal the Trump Administration’s ban. Biden has stated he would use the Justice Department to strike down state parental notification laws, waiting periods, or ultrasound requirements, for those seeking an abortion.  Biden openly has said he has a pro-abortion litmus test for federal judges, and has bragged about opposing Supreme Court nominees that he thought opposed Roe v. Wade.

Kamala Harris’ position on abortion are even more radical – she supports abortion up until the day of birth, voted against bills to protect the lives of babies that survive abortions and to ban abortion after 20 weeks.  She wants to give the federal government the power to veto state abortion laws, and eliminate state laws that ban late-term abortion.

A Biden-Harris Administration would also force Catholic organizations to violate their religious beliefs and fund contraceptives and abortion. The Obama-Biden Administration forced Catholic organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their religious beliefs through Obamacare’s “contraceptive mandate.” Biden and Harris criticized the recent Supreme Court decision protecting the Little Sisters, and Biden says he would go after them as President. In 2019, Harris introduced legislation to block religious exemptions in health care coverage, stripping away the rights of millions of Americans with religious objections to funding abortion.

As California’s Attorney General, Harris targeted pro-life organizations and Americans. She  backed legislation to force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to provide referrals for abortion services, violating the religious liberty of faith-based organizations and prosecuted a pro-life journalist for going after Planned Parenthood. Additionally, she held up the sale of a Catholic hospital chain, imposing “unprecedented” conditions on the transaction and setting in motion the chain’s eventual bankruptcy.

In 2018, Harris revealed her anti-religious when she suggested that membership in the Catholic and pro-life Knights of Columbus was disqualifying for a federal judicial nominee.

A Biden/Harris administration would be a disaster for Americans who value life and religious liberty.