Five Discussions to Expect During Tonight’s Debate

Posted on Sep 29, 2020

A new Monmouth University found nearly three in four likely voters plan to watch tonight’s first presidential election debate featuring President Trump and Joe Biden.

The first of three debates plus the vice presidential debate signal the final stretch of what can safely be described as an unforgettable campaign cycle.

Here are five topics to expect at tonight’s 90 minutes nonstop debate:

1. Voter Fraud

President Trump has been adamant in exposing the flaws of universal mail-in-voting while Joe Biden has called the process safe. Amid news this week surrounding ballot harvesting, abandoned ballots, and incorrect ballots being sent out, does Joe Biden stand by his statements?

2. Amy Coney Barrett

President Trump made history this week nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. Despite past statements from Joe Biden defending the right of a president to make such a nomination in an election year and the Senate confirming the president’s choice as qualified, Biden has been vehemently opposed to Judge Barrett’s nomination.

3. Economic Recovery

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump helped build the greatest economy the world has ever seen. Joe Biden, on the other hand, oversaw the slowest economic recovery since World War II. How will Joe Biden make his case to voters that he is the right man to lead the post-COVID-19 economic recovery?

4. Law and Order

America experienced a tumultuous summer full of riots under the media guise of peaceful protests. President Trump condemned this violence one day one while Joe Biden hemmed and hawed until polling data told him speaking out against theft and property destruction was a good idea. How will Joe Biden defend his record?

5. Pandemic Responses

Coronavirus shaped the 2020 presidential campaign in a way no one saw coming. While President Trump was forced to build a pandemic response about a virus scientists knew very little about, Joe Biden criticized the president every step of the way despite never offering a unique idea on his own.