Strong September Jobs Report

Posted on Oct 2, 2020

The economy is making a great comeback thanks to President Trump’s recovery efforts in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since May, the economy has seen an over 11.4 million jobs added. In its monthly employment report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 661,000 jobs added in September with unemployment falling to 7.9 percent.

Compare that to eight years of President Obama where only 8.9 million jobs were added with the largest single month of job increase being 354,000 in January 2012.

President Trump is shattering records as the V-shaped recovery unfolds.

Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, more than half of the jobs lost in the Spring due to the pandemic have been recovered.

Unemployment continues to decrease and exceed the expectations of economists. At JPMorgan, it was reported, “Economists at the bank now peg their base-case scenario for unemployment at the end of 2020 at 10.9%, up from a prediction of 6.6% when it reported first-quarter earnings.”

With three months until the end of the year that unemployment expectation is already surpassed.

Small business support through the Paycheck Protection Program, direct aid to American families through Coronavirus relief payments, and a strong economic foundation have all led to the promising news of the September jobs report.

With the private sector booming with job gains and unemployment decreasing, it’s clear that President Trump is the jobs president who will bring back our great economy!