New York Times Endorses The Fly

Posted on Oct 8, 2020

For the last week, Democrats have been vocal about their yearning for a substantive and civil debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. Last night, that is exactly what they got; well, almost. Both candidates debated with style and civility, but Pence was the only one who brought anything of substance to the table.

Vice President Pence was on a roll, he exposed Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes by $4 trillion, strangle the economy with Green New Deal regulations, ban fracking, abolish fossil fuels, and kill millions of jobs in the process. He highlighted President Trump’s record of standing up to China and protecting American jobs, while Biden has spent decades rolling over for the communist Chinese. He eviscerated Biden’s record on foreign policy and his willingness to coddle terrorists and state sponsors of terror. Pence even highlighted Harris’ dismal prosecutorial record.

The debate was exactly what Democrats and the media were hoping for, except for the glaring fact that their golden girl grossly underperformed. As “The Federalist” reported:

“Harris refusing to say, even in broad terms, what Democrats would do if they take back power over the federal government. On the potential of packing the Supreme Court should Amy Coney Barrett become our next Justice, Harris again refused to give a straight answer, instead launching into a bizarre take on Abraham Lincoln and the election of 1864, all with a weird grin meant to assure us she was answering the question she wasn’t.

Similarly, on fracking Harris acted like she and Biden have had matching We Love Fracking tattoos for the past 20 years when in fact both have emphatically called for it and the jobs attendant to it to go the way of the typewriter very recently. More broadly on energy policy both moderator Susan Page and Mike Pence pointed out that the Democratic plan is basically a folder that has Green New Deal crossed out in crayon and the words Biden Plan etched above it.

On the Coronavirus response, Harris was specifically asked what she and Biden would do differently going forward from the Trump administration and she basically had nothing. Not only that, but her description of what they would have done already sounded so similar to the Trump response that Pence credibly, though jokingly accused of her plagiarism, adding that is something that Joe Biden knows a lot about.

This happened over and over throughout the night. One tell was that while Pence frequently went over his allotted two minutes to answer tough policy questions in detail, Harris rarely did. This was not Harris being polite and sticking to the rules, it was her getting through her milquetoast non-answer answers as soon as she could with as little detail as humanly possible.”

It left viewers at home wondering what policies the Biden-Harris ticket are actually proposing other than “orange man bad”. Radical Democrats and the media were sent into a tailspin trying to find something, anything to distract from Harris’ lackluster performance. Queue the fly…stage left. If you didn’t know better, you would think the fly (which landed on Vice President Pence’s head and remained there for two minutes) was on the Biden ticket as it certainly stole the show from Kamala.

The fake news media can’t focus on the civility of the debate and the underperformance from their candidate who could not hold a candle to the Vice President. Instead of covering this, The New York Times featured not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pieces this morning highlighting the fly while glossing over Harris’s poor performance or adhering to revisionist history.

Here are the (cringy) headlines:

“Mike Pence’s Debate Performance Bugged Me Out”

“When a Fly Ruins Your Image”

How the Internet Viewed the Vice-Presidential Debate: What animated social media during the debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence? It was a fly, mostly.

“Best and Worst Moments of the Kamala Harris-Mike Pence Debate: ‘Most Bizarre Moment Was the Fly’”

Perhaps the most egregious take was from Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln Project who said, the fly that landed on Mike Pence during the debate last night is a “sign historically of sin” and the “mark of the devil.”

While Harris’ performance was absent of any dialogue substantive or policy-driven and full of appeals to the fake news media, Vice President Pence laid it all on the table appealing to real American workers and families. If you were to read the New York Times today, you would see more accolades for the fly than anything else. But perhaps that speaks to Kamala’s performance more than anything else could—Harris was outshone by a fly and all he had to do was sit there.