North Carolina: Biden Wants to Take Your Guns

Posted on Oct 9, 2020

Though the entirety of Joe Bidens political career his stance on guns has been consistent: he does not support the second amendment. During a time when safety in America teeters on the brink of lawlessness not only is this a reckless stance on gun rights, but it’s an uneducated one.

As we have all seen, left-wing militias like Antifa have no problem recking havoc across the country, not unlike they have in North Carolina. On June 1st, the mayor of Greensboro enforced a city-wide curt view due to the violent degree of rioting and looting taking place in the city. On May 31, Raleigh saw the worst of it: five police officers were sent to the hospital due to the severity of their injuries; one officer required reconstructive surgery after his jaw was shattered.

In the face of violence such as this I take comfort in the fact that I have the means to protect my family if one day mobs such as these come knocking on my front door.

Joe Bidens 47 years in Washington allow us the opportunity to fully understand his placement on a wide array of issues, but when someone runs for president, they become even clearer. In a CNN interview with Anderson cooper last year (8/7/2019) Joe Biden admitted to wanting to confiscate legally owned guns:

Cooper: “So, to gun owners out there who say ‘well a Biden administration means they are going to come for my guns…’”

Biden: “Bingo! You’re right.”

To fully understand what the former Vice President said we need to put thing into perspective and look at some raw numbers. According to 2020 statistics published by the State of North Carolina roughly 181,209 guns are lawfully owned by private citizens in the state which ranked 8th in the nation.

While it is unclear how a Biden/Harris administration would go about confiscating guns in the state it’s a troublesome thought when remembering how many lives have been saved by lawful gun owners. Often the argument in support of gun control surrounds the issue of suicides or mass shootings. Studies have shown that for every accidental death, suicide, or homicide with a firearm, thirteen lives are saved through the defensive use of a firearm.

While it is easy to take comfort in these supporting facts the issue for many Americans is still maintaining the ability to protect their loved ones, and that is why it’s important for us to understand the gun position of the Biden/Harris campaign.