Trump Does Right By Floridian Families

He will always continue to fight for the forgotten men and women

Posted on Oct 19, 2020

As President Trump and his entire reelection effort campaign in Florida, the evidence shows President Trump’s whole-of-government response to the coronavirus helped Florida families and workers:

Florida businesses are poised for a historic comeback thanks to President Trump’s economic leadership:

  • President Trump’s built a stronger economy for Florida workers and businesses with pro-growth policies, middle-class tax cuts, and smart deregulation, and he is doing it again.
  • Over the last four months, Florida added back 631,600 jobs following the economy’s artificial interruption from the China virus.
  • Florida added 556,000 new jobs in the first three years of the Trump Administration, including 27,600 new manufacturing jobs.
  • In February, Florida’s unemployment rate was just 2.8%. During the Obama-Biden Administration, the average unemployment rate in Florida was 8%, nearly three times as high.
  • President Trump’s historic Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is projected to create 71,504 new Florida jobs over the next decade. The law also designated 427 Florida communities as Opportunity Zones, which will drive new private investment into distressed and predominantly minority communities.

President Trump kept his promise to negotiate America-First trade deals, providing a massive boost to Florida’s economy:

  • The President’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade deal will boost Florida’s economy and create new jobs in the state, which exports $7.1 billion worth of goods to Canada and Mexico each year.
  • Trade with Canada and Mexico supports 750,400 Florida jobs.
  • The USMCA will boost Florida’s agricultural exports, helping the state’s farmers and agriculture producers.
  • President Trump is defending Florida farmers and agricultural producers from China by providing $24.9 million in direct USDA payments to offset the damage of China’s tariffs.

But Joe Biden’s disastrous agenda will decimate Florida’s recovering economy and undo President Trump’s policies that help Floridians the most:

  • The terrible trade deals that Joe Biden supported throughout his 44 years in office killed Florida jobs.
  • Biden’s radical energy policies would devastate Florida workers and businesses.
    • The oil, natural gas, and coal industries support more than 273,000 Florida jobs and contribute nearly $23 billion to the state’s economy each year.
  • Biden’s government-run health care proposal endangers the private health insurance that over 10.3 million Floridians rely on.
    • Biden’s government-run public option plan would ultimately kill private health insurance plans.
    • Under Biden’s government-run public option plan, 15 of Florida’s rural hospitals would be at “high risk” of closing, limiting patients’ access to health care.
    • Meanwhile, President Trump is fighting to give Floridians the best health care in the world at lower prices. In 2020, the average Obamacare premium in Florida decreased.
  • Biden pledged that charter schools will be “gone” if he is elected president. Nearly 196,000 students are currently enrolled in over 650 charter schools in the state.