Lids Off: Biden Must Answer These Questions

Here are the questions Biden needs to answer on behalf of American voters before November 3rd, 2020

Posted on Oct 20, 2020

America is a mere fourteen days out from a historic Presidential Election and Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden is living under a lid. Biden has answered 365 questions to President Trump’s 753 in the last 45 days. Last week, The New York Post broke a story showing that Joe Biden’s son Hunter indeed leveraged his father’s role as Vice President to secure lucrative role and salary with foreign business partners. Joe Biden has been questioned about Hunter’s corrupt foreign business dealings in the past, and his response has always been “There is not one single bit of evidence that anything that was done was wrong.”

The Biden campaign responded to that bombshell predictably by calling a at lid at 9:41 AM EST, not unlike most days. It took hours for the campaign to release a statement, all the while the left-leaning media attempted to disprove the evidence presented by the Post story. What is most damning perhaps is that the statement eventually released by a Biden spokesman does not deny the existence of the emails. This means at best, Hunter Biden was selling access to his father at the time he was second in command of the free world.

Flash forward to today. We are 14 days out from the Election and Joe Biden has called a four day lid. While all of this is extremely concerning as we enter the final weeks of the race to the presidency, this story is one of many things that Joe Biden needs to answer for; not dodge or literally hide from. Americans deserve to know exactly what they would get if Biden were Commander-in-chief. The traditional journalistic venues (and even the debate commission!) that Americans would rely on to implore the candidate to answer these questions have largely failed as they concern themselves with editorialized copy and grabby headlines—whatever can get them the most clicks.

There should be an expectation that Biden has to answer these questions if he wants to be considered for the highest office in the land; especially when President Trump has been the most accessible President in history for the media and is anything but shy about addressing their questions.

So, in the time between now and Election Day Joe Biden could sail the entirety of the Atlantic Ocean, drive round trip from California to New York City eight times or call 14 lids; all of which are likely much more appealing options for him than being accountable for the truth. That said, here are the questions Biden needs to answer on behalf of American voters before November 3rd, 2020:

On Hunter Biden

What did you discuss in your meetings with Hunter’s business partners, as described in the revealed emails?

What decisions did you make that benefitted Burisma at behest of Hunter as discussed in one email?

Do you stand by your repeated claim that there is not “one bit of evidence” that anything done was wrong and that you never discussed with your son his foreign business dealings?

There are reportedly three other meetings in question that do not appear on your “official calendar”. Would you turn over all calendars, personal and private to verify this?

On Coronavirus

You claim your response to the coronavirus would have been more effective, yet what you’ve proposed is a near carbon copy of President Trump’s response including invoking the Defense Protection Act to produce personal protective equipment, ventilators, testing equipment, and vaccines. What would you have done differently?

What metrics would it take for you to impose another shutdown, and conversely to re-open?

Do you oppose the Trump administration’s efforts with doctors, scientists, and experts to achieve a vaccine through Operation Warp Speed?

Second Amendment 

You said in an interview that a Biden administration means you’re “coming for” Americans’ guns and have committed to putting Robert Francis O’Rourke (Beto) who championed eliminating the 2nd Amendment and confiscating guns in charge of the effort. Will you eliminate the 2nd Amendment?

Religious Freedom 

A Biden-Harris administration would allow unlimited, taxpayer funded abortions even post-birthyou pledged you would continue your lawsuit against Little Sisters of the Poor to remove their freedom of conscience protections which exempt the sisters from being required to offer contraceptive coverage under their health plans, and your running-mate Kamala Harris thinks being a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charitable organization, disqualifies you from being a judge. How can Americans trust that you will protect their fundamental religious freedoms and respect unborn lives?

Law & Order

You have refused to use the term “law and order”, you’ve called the rioters destroying our nation’s cities “peaceful protestors, you’ve condemned law enforcement and said you believe that deploying the National Guard to restore safety in affected communities is a political attempt to use the military as a “prop” despite the fact that they successfully put an end to the unrest and chaos when deployed. How will you keep Americans safe and what do you have to say to the millions of Americans who lost a loved one, their business, or no longer feel safe in their community but cannot afford to leave?

Do you support defunding the police… not redirecting funds but specifically defunding the police?

In September you stated ANTIFA is “an idea”, not a threat to our communities. Do you still stand by that?

Court Packing

Unequivocally, if Amy Coney Barrett is appointed to the Supreme Court and you become President, will you add additional seats to the Supreme Court?

Racial Equity

You have a history of working with segregationist Strom Thurmond to pass laws incarcerating Black Americans for crack cocaine possession, you authored the 1994 crime bill that led to some dubbing you the  “architect of mass incarceration”, you voted to protect the tax-exempt status of segregated schools and you praised the civility of segregationists (then refused to apologize for it when confronted by Black Democrats like Cory Booker). Why did you support this legislation and are you sorry for it?

If elected, would you eliminate President Trump’s First Step Act and his Platinum Plan?

Foreign Policy

What would you do to hold China accountable for their predatory trade practices while also promoting free and fair trade?

Would you re-enter the Iran Nuclear deal, a deal which your running-mate said “brought peace to the Middle East” despite the fact it allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and, over time, reach the brink of a nuclear breakout


You have promised that your tax plan won’t raise taxes on Americans making under $400,000, yet five independent analysis have concluded that your plan would in fact raise taxes on the middle class. Are you lying to middle class Americans or simply uninformed on your own policy?


 You have flip-flopped a multitude of times on whether or not your administration would ban fracking. Would you explicitly ban all fracking?