Trump uses Defense Production Act to keep Americans safe

Has invoked the DPA more than 30 times

Posted on Jul 29, 2020

President Trump continues to utilize public-private partnerships to combat the coronavirus pandemic and in his latest announcement this week, he unveiled plans for Kodak to begin producing critical pharmaceutical ingredients at its New York facilities under the Defense Production Act (DPA).

President Trump has utilized the Defense Production Act many times throughout the coronavirus pandemic to bring jobs and supply chains back to the United States after years of foreign outsourcing. In fact, the President has invoked the DPA over 30 times helping secure critical supplies of ventilators, re-build our stockpile of personal protective equipment, testing supplies, and more.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign continues to spread disinformation and lie about President Trump’s use of the DPA—in some cases Biden’s campaign has claimed that President Trump is refusing to use the DPA. Biden claimed he had been calling for the Defense Production Act “for weeks” before the president. But the reality shows “Biden’s statement came just minutes after Trump first said he would invoke the DPA,” according to fact checkers.

The lies don’t stop there though:

  • Biden claims that he wrote the “playbook” for handling pandemics, but his own record shows a shortage of PPE, a botched vaccine rollout, and the demand to stop testing.
  • While President Trump was busy saving American jobs, Biden lied in an attempt to undermine the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • Joe Biden claims he “warned” the country about the coronavirus, but that’s false, no advice of the sort was ever given.

Joe Biden’s disastrous pandemic record speaks volumes. Biden’s own former chief of staff and current health advisor said in 2019 that they did “every possible thing wrong” when combating the 2009 swine flu. “It is purely a fortuity,” he admitted, “that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history.”

While Biden tries to rewrite history, President Trump is cleaning up his mess. Thanks to the coronavirus response by the Trump administration, the United States currently leads the world in coronavirus testing and the development of a vaccine is proceeding at record speed. President Trump is working to ensure that America has the resources to combat the coronavirus pandemic at home.