Joe Biden Bows To Teachers’ Union

Posted on Jul 31, 2020
By American Herald Staff

The Union bosses at the American Federation of Teachers have decided to ignore science as they threaten to strike over plans to reopen schools. Joe Biden, a self-proclaimed union man, delivered a speech to the union bosses today that was exactly what they wanted to hear and serves as another sign that Joe Biden will put special interests above the needs of American children.

Biden has made it crystal clear that he is in the pocket of the teachers’ unions, telling them that he will do whatever they say if he is elected President. Now to prove that he stands in solidarity with the union bosses, Biden is ignoring science and the school re-opening protocols recommended by the CDC. Instead of leading with the future of America’s children in mind, Biden is bowing to the demands of the teacher’s unions.

Studies show that prolonged lockdowns and school closures are detrimental to the growth and development of children both socially and academically; and disadvantaged children are more likely to be impacted. Biden doesn’t seem to care as he continues to bow to special interests who remain opposed to re-opening schools, are demanding limits to remote teaching, and are even opposed to virtual teaching from empty classrooms.

Biden will not take a stand to do the right thing for America’s children, he’s content to simply do whatever the teachers’ unions say. Americans can expect to see school choice and charter schools shut down as a result, forcing disadvantaged children into bad schools.

The list of union boss demands doesn’t stop here; it also includes cuts to police funding, massive tax increases, and a government takeover of health care. While Biden is busy tending to special interests, President Trump will continue to work for all Americans. The Trump administration will continue to fight for school choice and work with state and local officials to ensure that they are provided the resources necessary to safely re-open schools and get children back where they belong—in the classroom.