Biden Sides With Rioters In Portland

Always bowing down to the left-wing mob

Posted on Jul 23, 2020

Yesterday, Joe Biden sided with the radical left rioters in Portland, Oregon chastising the brave law enforcement that show up every day , risking their lives to restore order to the streets and keep people safe. Three officers may be permanently blinded after the riots this week, but Joe Biden is content with cowering to the radical left as he maintains that these are peaceful protests.

Take a look at some of the actions from this week alone by rioters that Joe Biden defends as peaceful protests:

  • “Federal officers used tear gas on crowds of people after some of them attempted to break into the federal courthouse and set it on fire late Monday night.”
  • “[P]eople began spray painting the federal courthouse and pounding on plywood that covered the building…several people broke through the plywood and began pounding the windows with metal objects. They broke at least one window.”
  • “Several members of the crowd threw rocks, bottles and other items at the federal officers[.]”
  • “Some people in the crowd lit a fire near a door to the federal courthouse…Later, others poured an accelerant over the door at the front of the courthouse and lit it on fire.”
  • “Meanwhile, others continued to light fires downtown, including one on the awning and side of a building at Southwest Yamhill Street and 4th Avenue.”
  • “Windows at Portland City Hall were smashed during the night.”
  • “Someone looted a jewelry store near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Washington Street[.]”
  • A police union building was broken into and burned down.
  • Fencing is broken down outside of a federal courthouse.
  • American flags are being burned.
  • The Democrat Mayor of Portland wants law enforcement to leave, claiming that they are responsible for the situation’s escalation.

Last night, Portland’s mayor was tear-gassed as attempted to address a group of rioters who booed him and called for his resignation. Despite this, the Mayor said:

“I want to thank the thousands of you who have come out to oppose the Trump administration’s occupation of this city. The reason this is important is it is not just happening in Portland … we’re on the front line here in Portland.”

This statement is proof the radical left’s dangerous delusion about the state of our country—Portland is experiencing urban warfare yet the City Council passed new policies on Wednesday that immediately bans all police bureau members from working with federal law enforcement and prevents them from intentionally arresting or using force on journalists and legal observers.

Biden claims that law enforcement are “stoking the fires of division” while violent anarchists literally burn down our cities. Biden may pass the radical left’s “woke” litmus test, but he is a failed leader with a broken moral compass. While Biden is busy appeasing the radical left, President Trump will always stand up for our law enforcement and ensure the safety of every American community.