Biden’s Radical Agenda Would Hurt Wisconsin

Joe Biden’s far-left agenda will hurt Wisconsin's economy and job growth again

Posted on Oct 26, 2020
By American Herald Staff

Joe Biden’s radical, far-left agenda will decimate Wisconsin workers and families- just as they did in the past: 

  • The terrible trade deals that Biden supported during his more than 40 years as a career politician in Washington killed Wisconsin jobs.
    • Wisconsin lost 14,500 jobs due to higher trade deficits with Mexico under NAFTA, which Biden voted for.
    • Biden voted to normalize trade relations with China, which killed 78,700 Wisconsin jobs.
    • Wisconsin lost 66,100 manufacturing jobs between when NAFTA took effect in 1994 and when President Trump was elected.
  • Biden’s radical energy policies and promise to “end fossil fuel” would devastate Wisconsin workers and businesses.
    • The oil, gas, and coal industries support more than 98,000 jobs in Wisconsin and contributes $8.7 billion to the state’s economy annually.
    • Biden’s fracking ban would kill 300,000 Wisconsin jobs, cost its economy $39 billion, and shrink revenues by $8 billion. This lost money would have to be made up with higher taxes.
    • Wisconsin is also an important manufacturer of fracking sand, an industry that would be devastated by a fracking ban.
  • Biden’s government-run health care proposal endangers the private health insurance plans that 3.5 million Wisconsinites rely on.
    • Biden’s government-run public option plan would ultimately kill private health insurance plans.
    • Under Biden’s government-run public option plan, 26 of Wisconsin’s rural hospitals would be at “high risk” of closing, limiting patients’ access to health care.
  • Joe Biden pledged that charter schools will be “gone” if he is elected president. Over 42,000 Wisconsin students are enrolled in over 230 charter schools throughout the state.

Wisconsin doesn’t need a radical transformation or more more empty talk from lifelong politician Joe Biden.

Let’s stick with President Trump.