America Will be Less Safe Under Joe Biden’s Leadership

Joe Biden cares more about appeasing the radical left than keeping your family safe.

Posted on Jul 24, 2020
By American Herald Staff

Amid the surge of violence and lawlessness around the country, Americans are wondering what the future holds in terms of safety. 

It’s important to note that under a Joe Biden Administration, Americans will be less safe.

As calls to defund the police echo throughout social media and America’s newsrooms, it’s important to examine the disastrous consequences that would follow carrying out this disastrous policy.

A study conducted of the NYPD showed that 9-1-1 response times could jump by 22 percent if proposed cuts to the department are implemented, meaning crime victims will be forced to wait for an average of 14 minutes for help. 

Spectrum One News tells a heartbreaking story of a pregnant woman forced to wait for 26-minutes before a 9-1-1 dispatcher picked her call after hit and run accident.

Twenty-six minutes is a long time to wait when you’re on hold with 911. 

That’s how long Martha Rider says she listened to an automatic recording when she called for help in Venice on June 8. She had been in her backyard when she heard a crash and rushed out to see a hit and run accident at the corner of Penmar and Rose Avenues. 

One driver took off, leaving the pregnant victim to call police. More neighbors rushed out of their homes and also dialed 9-1-1, only to hear the same message. Finally, it was the victim’s cell phone that got through. 

“Somebody could have been killing someone or shooting someone and for 26 minutes, nobody answer the 9-1-1 call,” Rider said. 

Officer Robert Harris, a director for the Police Protective League, says the Los Angeles Police Department doesn’t have enough officers to quickly respond to emergency calls. 

“The bottom line is, we don’t always meet those 9-1-1 emergency response time thresholds, which is seven minutes and that’s because we’re asked to do so many different things,” Harris said.

But this is the future Joe Biden is creating. One where police have fewer resources and are seen as the enemy for protecting society.

So when Joe Biden answered, “Yes. Absolutely, yes” when asked whether he supported defunding the police, it’s important to know exactly what that means.

Joe Biden cares more about appeasing the radical left than keeping your family safe.