Biden Has Under Reported The True Costs Of His Spending Plans

Posted on Aug 19, 2020

Taken all together, Biden’s campaign is proposing nearly $6 trillion in spending, with the likely total over $10 trillion according to independent estimates:

  • Biden’s newly unveiled plan to eliminate oil, gas, and coal from our electric grid would cost $4.5 trillion, $2.5 trillion more than he claims it would.
  • An independent analysis says Biden’s healthcare plan would cost nearly $2.25 trillion, $1.5 trillion more than he says.

The Biden economic “recovery” was the worst since the Great Depression. It failed to bring back manufacturing jobs, wage growth was stagnant, the middle-class shrunk, 14 million Americans left the workforce, and nearly 800,000 fell into poverty. By 2016, 57 percent of Americans believed the economy was getting worse.

Do we want history to repeat itself? Biden has proved over and over he’s not fit to lead. The bottom line is Biden has been wrong for way too long and America can’t afford his disastrous economic policies.