Calling Out Fake News RNC Coverage

Posted on Aug 26, 2020

Last week’s Democratic convention forebode the death of America as we know it if Joe Biden were to become President. While we heard the words, “hope”, “light”, and “soul of the nation” more times than you could count, the programming itself was downright depressing with no plans offered for the aforementioned “soul of the nation”, just inaccurate platitudes critical of President Trump.

The media should have shined a spotlight on the factual inaccuracies spewing from the Democrats with traditional fact checks, but instead, all the fakes news had to offer was praise for team Biden– lies and spin be damned.

The fake news media simply could not keep it together as they applauded the celebrity-laden DNC; and in typical fashion, they have had nothing but criticisms to offer for the RNC despite its message of hope, prosperity, and the American dream coming from REAL Americans from all walks of life each night.

Let’s take a look at some of these flagrant biases:

  • CNN political analyst and former White House press secretary for the Clinton administration Joe Lockhart called Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School teen who successfully settled a defamation suit with CNN, a “snot-nose entitled kid” after his address to the Republican National Convention.
  • In a fit of rage over just how inspiring the RNC programming has been, CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested on Tuesday that Republicans would be “rioting” if Democrats attempted similar “norm-busting” tactics at their own convention.
  • CNN contributor Van Jones admitted everyone would “praise” Joe Biden‘s Democratic National Convention speech regardless of its context as long as the party’s presidential candidate didn’t “embarrass himself.”
  • The media lauded Obama’s speech at the DNC as “the most important they’ve ever heard him give”, “incredibly powerful”, “extraordinary”, “[it] slayed me”
  • One night of the DNC as reported on in the Washington Examiner, “For national media, the obscene spectacle of a woman propping up her dead father for political purposes was the highpoint of the evening, as journalists and commentators alike were left mesmerized, excited, and deeply, deeply impressed by the woman’s speech.”
  • The Washington Examiner observed that the Washington Post fact-checkers work much harder during the RNC than they did during the DNC. Their fact-checkers want to “to challenge convention claims by providing context that its fact-checkers deem necessary for proper understanding’s sake”. This, however, is a tactic they decided to adopt this week and ignore last.
  • CNN host Chris Cuomo said we don’t need to fact check Democrats the way we fact check Republicans because “they are not lying the way [President Donald] Trump does.”
  • The Daily Caller reported as Kentucky’s first black Attorney General spoke at the RNC, NBC did not cover the speech and instead showed Chuck Todd discussing Democrat’s pet project, mail-in voting.
  • A New York Times reporter tried to cancel Jon Ponder, a former bank robber who emerged from prison a devout Christian and launched an organization to help other released inmates reemerge into society, for supporting President Trump at the RNC.
  • Last night, First Lady Melania Trump delivered a compelling and unifying speech without much reaction from the media. But as Mollie Hemingway reports, last week, “The media worshiped and adored Michelle Obama’s speech, which included lines suggesting that if you disagreed with it, it was because you were racist. Both she and her husband were seething with disdain and hatred in their speeches, which the media found very compelling.”

The media praises and upholds false idols, wealthy celebrities, and politicians with ill-intent who threaten the principles on which our republic was founded. But real, hardworking Americans see through the fake news and the criticisms by those chomping at the bit to incite government takeover. DNC viewership tanked by 48 percent this year compared to 2016 while the RNC garnered nearly six times more views on CSPAN than the DNC did a week prior. Real Americans know celebrities and the radical left do not have their interests at heart. Real Americans want to hear from others just like them who have struggled in the past and seen prosperity and hope under the Trump administration. The RNC may not be a star-studded affair featuring the fake news’ Democrat darlings; but it is one that speaks to the heart of America and promises that the best is yet to come with four more years of President Donald Trump.