Ten Debate Questions Joe Biden Should Answer

No More Circumventing Media Scrutiny

Posted on Sep 28, 2020
By American Herald Staff

Up until this point in his (most recent) campaign for president, former Vice President Joe Biden has been able to circumvent  media scrutiny.

But as we head into the first general election debate, that cycle needs to end. 

Here are the top ten real questions Joe Biden needs to answer during tomorrow’s live debate:

  1. Why did your son, Hunter Biden, receive $3.5 million from the wife of the former Moscow mayor?
  2. Why did you lie about having zero knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine?
  3. How can you justify raising taxes on middle-class Americans during an economic recovery?
  4. Why should America trust you when you say “Buy American” after spending your entire career destroying American jobs through disastrous trade deals?
  5. Do you support packing the United States Supreme Court?
  6. Who would you nominate to the Supreme Court?
  7. How can you expect African-Americans to support you after claiming they ‘ain’t black’ if they choose to vote for President Trump?
  8. What do you mean when you say you would govern “as the most progressive administration since FDR?”
  9. How do you explain consistently trying to reduce Social Security benefit payments for most of your career and falsely claiming you never called for Social Security cuts?
  10. How can you justify sacrificing blue-collar jobs in the name of appeasing the radical left?

Even if Joe Biden would merely be a figurehead in his administration while actual policy is determined by the radical left, he still needs to be treated as an actual candidate for office.

America needs fewer questions about what Biden thinks about President Trump’s soul and more questions about Biden’s plans to push America further to the left than any administration in American history.